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INTRODUCTION: Welcome Back Symbian users, we continue to find some awesome games! :)
After 3 days of researching, i finally succeeded running old PC games on my Nokia 6210 Navigator, which is called DOS games. To play these games we will use Dosbox emulator. First game that i tested was the classic Ms Pac-Man PC game then i continued to test a 3D game and the first one was Tomb Raider (as shown on the picture above). This game speed is not so bad but the gameplay is awesome, similar to PlayStation One version. There are also great PC games like GTA, Tekken, Blood, Need For Speed and many more. The format of these games is in .EXE format. We will test that later and bring it to you. Now let's play Tomb Raider!! You need a Symbian OS9.1 - 9.3 smartphone both 320x240 or 240x320 with a processor of 369 MHz ARM 11 or more. Your phone must have more than 64Mb of RAM memory to run the game very good. Game is only in landscape mode but it shouldn't be a problem as it uses best fullscreen graphics. In portrait it would look crappy though. You may need PIPS Installer and SDL files to run Dosbox. As most of Symbian users fail to run Dosbox games, i'll share this with you. Follow my installation method below, it can be a bit difficult but i'm sure you will succeed.
Yours, GraN.

Tomb Raider 3D HD

Installation Method:
*STEP 1: Before we start, first make sure you have no less than 150Mb of storage left on your memory card. So free some memory. First download the Dosbox with configuration files inside. Install it in memory card, if certificate error appears then try to change year date back as you know until it installs. This is Dosbox v0.72 and the only one that runs 3D games. Install but don't open it yet.
*STEP 2: Now open the zip Dosbox archive again, and extract these 3 files ''dosbox.conf" and "premapper.txt" and "mapper.txt" to your Phone Memory root folder. Yes in phone memory, not memory card otherwise the emulator won't open. These 3 are important files, you need not open them. If you use X-Plore, they should be extracted to C:/Data/
as this is your phone's root memory shown in X-Plore.
*STEP 3: Now let's head to the rom method. First download and install X-Plore software, which is important. Then download the rom Inside it is a lot of files.
*STEP 4: Go to your memory card root memory and create a folder named "doswin". Inside doswin create another folder named "win31". Inside win31 create another folder named "Cadi". So that the directory will look like E:/doswin/win31/Cadi/
*STEP 5: Open the archive and Mark All files. Use your phone, not X-Plore. Unmark the file named "INSTALLT.EXE" only, and extract all marked files to folder E:/doswin/win31/Cadi/
*STEP 6: Done. Now we need to extract the file "INSTALLT.EXE". Open X-Plore and open the archive file again and extract the file "INSTALLT.EXE" to folder E:/doswin/win31/Cadi/
*STEP 7: Tutorial completed!!! Go to your Dosbox emulator and open it. Wait for the logo Eidos to appear. Game will begin!!! Have fun playing :)

You can check out screenshots how it is done on X-plore and some videos of the game beginning on my Nokia 6210 Navigator by clicking

There are no key settings in the emulator but they can be set in the game. On Tomb Raider main menu, open the Controls menu and click right. In User Keys click down, and define the keys of your choice on the right side of the menu. Click OK and use the number keys for Jump, Roll, Action, Look and Inventory. Leave the left side as they are already directional keys for the game. Note that the game is only in landscape 320x240 but works on 240x320 too, it cannot be changed to portrait, landscape is the best view. To quit emulator you must press the red key. To make Lara jump over a wall, hold Jump and Action keys then keep pressing Up. Lara will jump and get over small or big walls.


*Dosbox Emulator (520kb)

*X-Plore Full S60v3.sisx (509kb)

* rom + data (25mb)

PIPS Installer (2.6mb)

MORE GAMES NOTE: If you want to download more games like these then go to and enter the Dos section. But before playing that new game, you need to create a new folder in win31 for that game. Then open X-Plore edit the "dosbox.conf" file.
For example: create a folder Doom in win31 folder then extract the files to E:/doswin/win31/Doom/
-You must understand that a file named DOOM.EXE is the rom filename.
-So open X-Plore and edit "dosbox.conf". Change the line to

cd c:\win31\Doom

-That's it. Now go to Dosbox emulator and open it. Play Doom. You can also change the conf back to its original Tomb Raider name as it was, to play Tomb Raider. You can enable sound by editing conf file change "nosound=true" to "nosound=false". But sound could cause a game to lag. Please leave the other lines because editing them will not make Dosbox work. Enjoy!!

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