Pinball Action (MAME)
Only for Symbian OS9.1 - 9.3 (240x320). Pinball Action is one of the most popular arcade video games around the world. The gameplay, speed and graphics on your phone are exactly the same as the video game. To play this game on your phone you will require the EEMAME emulator and the 3 romsets.

Installation Method:
*Download EEMAME and install it
*Create a folder Mame and create another folder in it named Roms so that it will look like this E:/Mame/Roms or you can use Xplore software to locate the hidden folder C:/Mame/Roms
*Download all 3 romsets below and put all 3 of these zip files in folder E:/Mame/Roms or C:/Mame/Roms
*Open EEMAME and click Options then Scan For Games
*You will see the romsets and run any of them
*When a black screen with some texts appear, click Left then Right then again Right directional keys to start the game. Use key 2 to insert a coin.

*Open EEMAME, click Options > Settings > Global and use this settings for best gameplay:
*Screen Size = Normal
*Keep Aspect Ratio = Yes
*Screen Orientation = Normal
*Sound = Off
*Frame Skip = 4
*Auto Frame Skip = On
*Max Auto Frame Skip = 8
*Throttle Speed = On

*When playing, click the Left Soft Key and then click Input (this game) then click Center/OK Key
*Here are some key settings for easy gameplay, use Center/OK Key to change:
*P1 Button 3 = Key 3
*P1 Button 4 = Key 8
*P1 Button 1 = Key 4
*P1 Button 2 = Key 6
*Coin 1 = Key 2
*1 Player Start = Key 5
*Leave the other blank
*Then click Return to Menu and click Left Soft Key to return to game
*Use Key 2 to insert coins to start playing
*Use Key 5 to start a game and Key 3 to release the ball
*Use Key 8 for bumper and Key 0 to pause game
*Have fun!

EEMAME v1.12 OS9.x Signed.sisx (1.7mb)

*Pinball Action romset (77kb)
*Pinball Action romset (34kb)
*Pinball Action romset (43kb)

Screenshot Software s60v3.sis (95kb)

Pinball Action
Top 3 Players:

Top Scorer: Ravi Gopal (811,230)

2nd Place: GraN (742,720)
Screenshot0402 1
3rd Place: Imtiyaz Basha (331,560)
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