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Zelda Triology

Supported Handsets: Zelda Triology is compatible with Symbian OS 9.1 - 9.3 (both 320x240 and 240x320 all s60v3 handsets). Follow the installation instructions below to successfully install the game.

Installation Instructions:
*Before we proceed, make sure you have no less than 100mb memory space left in your memory card
*Download the zip file below
*Open the zip file and install Zelda Triology - v.1.00(5).sisx
*You will see 3 game icons but DO NOT open them
*Open zip file again and Mark All the other files except Zelda Triology v.1.00(5).sisx
*Extract all files to your memory card Root folder
*A folder named Zelda Triology will appear there
*Now open Zelda Triology folder and you will see 3 other folders named Zelda3T, ZeldaOLB and ZeldaROTH. Move these 3 folders to your memory card Root memory
(Note: If some files in them can't be moved, then mark all and move them back to where they should be. Example: some .ogg files unable to move..move them to original ZeldaOLB sounds folder where other files were moved)
*Now you can play any of the 3 different Zelda games. The games are English. Enjoy!!!

Note: Game will start in landscape mode (320x240) which are the best graphic view. If you want to play in portrait mode (240x320) then do this
-When game starts, click the green dial key
-Click key 2 then screen will rotate to 240x320
-Click the green dial key again
-Enjoy and never click green dial key again, it will mess up control setting
>Right Soft Key = talk to people
>Left Soft Key = items menu & action
>C (Clear) Key = ingame menu (to save or exit game)
>Key 2 and other = pick up items & attack

Download Zip File:
Zelda Triology ENG (9.3mb)