CoRE Player™ v1.36
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CoRE Player™ is a very cool media player that i use. This is a great software for music and movies. It is full version and no errors in this software. Note that this file is unsigned and you must apply Rompatcher patches before installing.
- Plays avi, mp4, 3gp, mp3, mpg, flv and many music and video formats

- Can view any picture formats

- Can reduce speed of the video or mp3 to play in real-time slower motion without errors, custom play speed at your choice

- Custom your video quality of your choice, set colours and zoom options

- Set fast forward and rewind speed of your choice

- Can set or custom Equalizer

- Many more features!

CoRE Player v1.36 OS9.x Unsigned CraCKeD.sis (3.2mb) 240x320


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